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Academic Second Chance Policy

The Academic Second Chance program is an “amnesty” program that provides a benefit to students who are returning to the college, or transferring to Daytona State, when their prior educational experience has not been totally satisfactory.

The Second Chance Program does not apply once a certificate or a degree (associate or bachelor's) has been earned. The program will only apply to additional courses taken toward a subsequent degree. The Academic Second Chance Program can only be used once in a lifetime.

All courses remain on the transcript, except from new transfer students. Students planning to transfer to another college or university are cautioned that the receiving institution may use all original grades earned when computing a GPA for admissions eligibility or for other purposes.

If a student has earned a certificate and subsequently takes additional courses toward an associate degree, only the new courses taken would be applicable to this policy. The same applies to students who return for a second associate degree. Grades for courses that qualify for this amnesty program will be remain on the transcript and the code “AMN” is added to indicate the amnesty was applied. The following statement will be added to the student’s course on the transcript when the petition is approved: “Academic Amnesty.” The transcript legend will indicate the “AM” grade original grade of “F” excluded from GPA calculation upon Second Chance Amnesty Appeal approval.

Courses that receive amnesty will still count for the Financial Aid Satisfactory Progress Policy with regard to attempted/earned credits. Academic Second Chance has no effect on the student’s financial aid award history. It also has no effect on the calculation of course attempts related to the multiple course attempts surcharge.

A. Academic Second Chance Policy – Daytona State College Returning Students

The Academic Second Chance Program allows former students of Daytona State College who return to college after a three calendar year break in higher education enrollment to have coursework with a grade of “F” be excluded from Daytona State College GPA calculations once their appeal is approved.


  • Return to Daytona State after a minimum of a three-year break in higher education enrollment.
  • Complete 12 credits, completing all courses attempted (college preparatory courses are not counted).
  • Earn a “C” or higher in all courses attempted.
  • Submit a petition to the Records Office for review. (If a student petitions after completing more than 12 credits, all credits attempted must have been completed with a 2.0 GPA to be considered for amnesty.)

Students who are repeating courses with grades of "F" will still use the current grade forgiveness policy that uses the highest grade when calculating GPA.

B. Academic Second Chance Policy – Daytona State College Current Students

Many times students are unsure of their career goals, or may attempt courses and programs not suited to their academic skills. For students who are successful after a career/program change, the Academic Second Chance Policy permits a student to select up to three grades of “F” earned previously in required courses (not electives or General Education courses) in the prior major, to be marked “AMN” and not counted in the GPA. To take advantage of this provision the student must have earned 50% of the credits toward their new program.

For example:

  • AA students changing to AS where the amnesty courses are not required in the new program.
  • AS students changing to AA where the amnesty courses are not required in the new program.
  • AS students changing to another AS where the courses are not required in the new program.

C. Academic Second Chance Policy – Daytona State College Transfer Students

New students transferring to Daytona State College will automatically take advantage of the Academic Second Chance Policy for Transfer Students. The college will not transfer grades of “F” and “W” onto the Daytona State College transcript. This policy does not apply to students who were enrolled at the college prior to fall 2009. The college will continue to require the receipt of all prior college transcripts, even if no credits are to be awarded in transfer.

Student Caution:

Students must clearly understand that other colleges may not use the Daytona State College GPA for transfer purposes if any type of grade amnesty has been applied.