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Full Cost of Instruction

The following information applies to courses attempted at Daytona State College only. Courses completed at another institution and transferred to Daytona State are not impacted by the following rules.

Maximum attempts for full cost of instruction in each course:

Students are normally permitted to enroll in the same course a maximum of three times. Students will be assessed 100 percent of the full cost of instruction (the out-of-state tuition rate) on the third attempt unless the college grants a one-time exception to the student due to extenuating circumstances or financial hardship. Students may not withdraw from the third or fourth attempt.

Students are permitted to appeal to take a course a fourth time if they were unsuccessful during their third attempt due to major extenuating circumstances. Students will be assessed the full cost of instruction on the fourth attempt. There is no appeal to reduce the full-cost assessment on the fourth attempt. All grades from the third and subsequent attempts will be calculated in the student's grade point average. A fifth attempt is not allowed under any circumstances.

Application forms for an appeal are available at the Question & Answer Center on any Daytona State campus, online at the Registration website, or from the Enrollment Services staff on any campus. The full-cost assessment is the equivalent of the nonresident fee for courses. Additional fee information is available in the Student Accounts section of this catalog under the Tuition and Fee Information heading.

Grade forgiveness policies:

Grade forgiveness applies when students repeat the same course in which they earned a "D" or "F" grade. The highest earned grade will be used in the calculation of GPA and graduation requirements. (A subsequent "W" grade will not replace an earned grade.) Students may not repeat the same course to improve a "C" grade or better. However, the college will allow a student who returns to Daytona State, or transfers to Daytona State after an extended period of time has elapsed since they had completed a developmental class to repeat that class under certain circumstances. The college has established a process that allows students to retake a developmental class completed successfully, if their absence from college has been two years or more, and the student retests into the developmental course level. In such cases, students are offered the choice of repeating or moving forward with the understanding that financial aid will not be awarded for a repeated course.

Course Repeats:

Students are not permitted to repeat courses in which a grade of "C" or better was earned. This includes a grade of "C" or better transferred in from another institution. Students may repeat a course for grade forgiveness twice. Upon the third attempt in the same course, the highest grade earned is a final grade and cannot be forgiven. Students should understand that other institutions may not honor Daytona State's grade forgiveness policy. As a result, students' grade point averages may change when they transfer to another institution. In addition, repeating courses to improve grades may impact a student's financial aid award. Students receiving financial aid should contact the Financial Aid Office prior to repeating any courses. Courses that are designed as "repeatable courses" in the Course Descriptions area of the college catalog may be repeated and are not subject to the forgiveness policy.

Withdrawal Policy:

Students may withdraw from a course any time prior to the final withdrawal date. Students are responsible for the completion of the formal withdrawal process. The withdrawal date deadlines are published in the college's academic calendar. Students who remain enrolled in courses after the final withdrawal date will be assigned a final grade for the course from the faculty. Students are permitted a maximum of two withdrawals in the same course. Upon the third attempt in the same course, a student will not be permitted to withdraw and will be assigned a final grade other than "W" (withdrawal). Students who drop any course during the schedule adjustment period or who enroll in a course as an audit student are not impacted by this policy.