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Online Orientation

Orientation is an important step in getting started in the right direction! Our Orientation program is geared toward awareness, engagement and student success. Moving to an interactive platform, the orientation is administered with multiple short videos. These videos provide a general overview of academic programs, enrollment, important dates, financial aid, Title IX and the various departments available to assist you during your time at Daytona State College.

All new and readmitted students pursuing a degree or certificate program are required to complete Online Orientation. The following programs/majors are excluded from the Orientation requirement (*):

Apprenticeships, including 1020 Child Care Specialist, 1071 Electrical Non-Union, 1072 Electrical Union, 1070 Plumbing Union Special Credit, including 0001 Non-Degree, 0002 Employment, 0004 and 0007 Transient, including 0005 Daytona State HS,1056 Firefighter II (1156)1051 Law Enforcement Training (1151)0960 Emergency Medical Technician (1960)0957 Paramedic (1957)2208 Emergency Medical Services (2108)1050 Correctional Officer Recruit Training (1150)

The online version is available under Online Services at You will be required to enter your Username and password. Your college password will be Dsc (Capital D, lowercase s, lowercase c) + Your birthdate (in MMDDYY format) + The last five digits of your social security number. Example: With a birthdate of January 1, 1990 and a social of 123-45-6789, Your default password would be Dsc01019056789 After you are logged into the portal, just click on the tab that says "My Academics" and you will find the option for orientation. Online Orientation can be accessed from any computer with Internet access (home, work, public library or Daytona State computer labs). Orientation also can be accessed by going to

If you have questions about Orientation, contact or call (386) 506-3661.