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Humanities Core - Choose One (AML, LIT) (3)

The following courses are designated as meeting the Humanities Core, general education subject area. Students MUST choose 6 credits to meet the Humanities Core requirement. ONE MUST be a Literature course (AML, LIT); ONE MUST be a Humanities course (ARH, DAN, HUM, MUH, MUL, PHI, REL, THE).  Of those, one choice MUST come from Column I.  Visit the Requirements for Associate of Arts Degree for more information.

Column I:  

ARH1000    Art Appreciation 

HUM2020   Introduction to Humanities

LIT2000      Literature and Culture

MUL1010    Music Appreciation

PHI2010     Introduction of Philosophy

THE1000    Theatre Appreciation

Column II:  

AML2050    Modern American Literature 

AML2060   Contemporary American Literature

AML2600   Introduction to African American Literature

ARH2050   Survey of Art History I

ARH2051   Survey of Art History II

DAN1100   Dance Appreciation 

HUM2210  Prehistory to Medieval Humanities 

HUM2230  Renaissance to Postmodern Humanities

LIT2030    Understanding Poetry

LIT2040    Dramatic Literature 

LIT2110    Masterpieces of World Literature I 

LIT2120    Masterpieces of World Literature II 

LIT2380    Literature By Women 

MUH2110  Introduction to Music History and Literature 

MUL2380   Popular Music in America 

REL2300   World Religion