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Natural Sciences Core - Choose One (3)

The following courses are designated as meeting the Natural Sciences Core, general education subject area. Students MUST choose two (2) courses to satisfy this core requirement. One choice MUST come from Column I. Visit the Requirements for Associate of Arts Degree for more information. 

Column I: 

AST1002     Astronomy

BSC1005     Survey of Biological Sciences (For Non-Science Majors)

BSC1010C   General Biology I (For Science Majors) and Lab

BSC1085C   Human Anatomy and Physiology I and Lab

CHM1020    Chemistry in Society

CHM1045C  General College Chemistry I and Lab

EVR2001     Introduction to Environmental Science

PHY1020     Energy and its Environmental Effects

PHY1053C   General Physics I and Lab

PHY2048C   Physics with Calculus I and Lab 

Column II:

BOT1010C   General Botany and Lab

BSC1020     Human Biology

CHM1025C  Introduction to Chemistry and Lab

GLY2010C   Physical Geology and Lab

HUN1201    Human Nutrition

MET2010    Meteorology

OCB2000C  Introduction to Marine Biology and Lab

OCE1001    Introduction to Oceanography

PSC1121     Physical Science