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Social Sciences Core - Choose One (3)

The following courses are designated as meeting the Social Science Core, general education subject area. Students MUST choose three (3) courses to satisfy this core requirement, though students are required to complete a course meeting the Civics Literacy requirement (either POS2041 or AMH2020) and SLS1122 Managing Your Success as part of the selections.  Visit the Requirements for Associate of Arts Degree for more information. 

Column I:

AMH2020  United States History 1865 to Present 

ANT2000   Introduction to Anthropology 

ECO2013   Principles of Macroeconomics 

POS2041   American Federal Government 

PSY1012   General Psychology 

SYG2000   Introduction to Sociology 

Column II:

AMH2010  United States History to 1877 

DEP2004   Developmental Psychology 

ECO2023   Principles of Microeconomics 

GEB2430   Ethics and Social Responsibility 

GEO2000   World Geography 

INR2002    International Relations