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Spring 2020

Spring Semesters 2020 Spring Full Term Spring A Session  Spring B Session  Adult Education Classes
Advising Week for Spring 2020 registration 21-Oct 21-Oct 21-Oct 21-Oct
Advance Registration for Spring 2020 (currently enrolled students based on priority) 30-Oct 30-Oct 30-Oct  
Open Registration for Spring 2020 4-Nov 4-Nov 4-Nov 4-Nov
College Open 2-Jan 2-Jan 2-Jan 2-Jan
Spring Planning Jan 13-17 Jan 13-17 Jan 13-17 Jan 13-17
Spring Classes Begin 21-Jan 21-Jan 16-Mar 21-Jan
Martin Luther King Holiday 20-Jan 20-Jan 20-Jan 20-Jan
Last day to submit proof of FL residency 23-Jan 22-Jan 18-Mar 23-Jan
State Employee Registration Jan 21-23 Jan 21-22 Mar 16-17 na
Last Day to Add/Drop 23-Jan 22-Jan 24-Mar na
Last Day to Change Major 23-Jan 22-Jan 18-Mar na
Attendance 1 Roster Open for Submission 24-Jan 23-Jan 19-Mar na
Attendance 1 Verification Due 31-Jan 31-Jan 25-Mar na
Last Day to Change "I" Grade awarded in Fall Semester 25-Jan 25-Jan 25-Jan na
Financial Aid Census Date  7-Feb  7-Feb 27-Mar na
Course Evaluation Period Session A   Feb 14 - 27    
Spring Break Mar 09-13 Mar 09-13 Mar 09-13 Mar 09-13
Commencement Book Deadline 20-Mar 20-Mar 20-Mar na
Last Day to Withdraw from classes 2-Apr 19-Feb 20-Apr na
Attendance 2 Roster Open for Submission 3-Apr 20-Feb 21-Apr na
Advising Week for Summer and Fall 2020 registration 23-Mar 23-Mar 23-Mar 23-Mar
Advance Registration for Summer 2020/Fall 2020 (currently enrolled students based on priority) 1-Apr 1-Apr 1-Apr 1-Apr
Attendance 2 Verification Due 8-Apr 26-Feb 27-Apr na
Open Registration For Summer 2020 and Fall 2020 6-Apr 6-Apr 6-Apr 6-Apr
Awards Convocation 9-Apr 9-Apr 9-Apr 9-Apr
Course Evaluation Period Full Term and Session B        
Last Day to Apply for Spring 2020 Graduation 24-Apr 24-Apr 24-Apr na
Grade Roster Open 1-May 28-Feb 1-May  
Spring Classes End 8-May 6-Mar 8-May 8-May
Last Faculty Duty Day 8-May 8-Mar 8-May 8-May
Grades Due* 9-May 7-Mar 9-May 9-May
Commencement 11-May 11-May 11-May 11-May
Diplomas Mailed to Graduates 5-Jun 5-Jun 5-Jun na
* *Grades due 24 hours after final exam
Full Term (1) =74 days (29 MW, 32 TR, 59 MTRF)
SA7 = 34 days (13 MW, 13 TR, 31 MTRF)
SB7 = 40 days (15 MW, 16TR, 32 MTRF)