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MAD2104 Discrete Mathematics

Topics include: Sequences and sequence notation, propositional logic, negation and logical equivalence, quantifiers, multiple quantifiers and their negations, implications, the logic of implications, valid and invalid forms of reasoning; Direct and indirect proofs, proving by cases, mathematical induction, proof by contradiction, and modular arithmetic; Sets, subsets, operations on sets, proving set properties, the duality principle, Boolean algebra; Notation and terminology of functions, inverse functions, properties of relations, order relations, proofs about properties of relations, equivalence relations; Graphs and Trees, proofs about graphs and trees, isomorphism and planarity, graphs in puzzles and games. (Prerequisite: Appropriate placement scores, successful completion of college prep course or qualified developmental exemption or passed MAC 1114 with grade "C" or better or permission of chairperson or concurrent requisite of MAC 1114). This course will help satisfy the graduation requirements of the Associate of Arts (A.A.) degree.



Enrollment Requirements

Corequisite: MAC1114