Associate of Arts Transfer Degree Program

Daytona State College's Associate of Arts degree transfer program is as easy as 2+2. Two years at Daytona State followed by two years in Daytona State's Bachelor of Applied Science degree, Bachelor of Science in Education degree, or Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology programs, or two years at a State of Florida Public College or University. You spend your first two years at Daytona State, taking the same courses you would take if you were a freshman or sophomore at a four-year institution. That means you plan your program of study around the major or career you want to pursue and the four-year institution you plan to attend. You graduate with your AA degree from Daytona State, transfer to the four-year program and earn your bachelor's degree. More than 70 percent of our AA degree graduates transfer to state four-year institutions.

Our courses are designed to meet standard four-year institution requirements; however, you should know the requirements of the four-year college or university you plan to attend. Different majors require a specific course of study during the first two years of college.

Colleges and universities periodically change their requirements for a major. Information about majors and the Florida colleges and universities that offer them are available in the Career Services Department.