General Education Mission Statement

General Education

General education at Daytona State College constitutes the academic preparation for participation in a pluralistic society and global community and is the basis for lifelong learning. It is a framework for the acquisition and use of broad bodies of knowledge and a foundation of intellectual, social and ethical skills and behaviors. Through the general education curriculum, students will acquire the skills necessary for:

  • Critical/Creative Thinking
  • Communication
  • Cultural Literacy
  • Information and Technical Literacy

General education requirements comprise an important part of the hours necessary for the associate of arts and associate of science degrees.

Daytona State College considers the knowledge, skills and attitudes cultivated by the general education curriculum vital for educated people in our society.

General Education Competency Components

Competency Component
Critical/Creative Thinking Students will use systematic and creative thinking skills to analyze and evaluate issues and arguments, to solve problems, and/or to make decisions.
Communication Students will be able to read, write, and exchange information, ideas, and concepts effectively.
Cultural Literacy Students will understand the impact of the variations among and within cultures.
Information and Technical Literacy Students will use appropriate technology to locate, evaluate, and effectively process information.