SLS1122 Managing Your Success

Managing Your Success teaches students how to navigate through college, learn about themselves and develop lifelong skills. It builds awareness of the skills and expectations in college and the workplace, and provides hands-on experience with commonly used tools and services.

The course covers:

  • College expectations and resources - the College Catalog, Student Handbook and a variety of student support services;
  • Academic and personal skills - motivation, goal setting, time management, financial literacy, stress management and more;
  • Technology - using the student portal, Falcon Online course navigation, basic Word and PowerPoint skills;
  • Academic and career planning - developing a strong understanding of individual major/degree goals and how to prepare for the world of work.

Special Notes:

This course is part of the General Education Core for all students enrolled in the Associate of Arts (AA) program; students must earn a C or better to pass the course. Students should take this course in their first semester.

  • Students who transfer or readmitted students with 24+ credits and minimum 2.75 GPA are exempt.
  • Students who are switching from an A.S. to A.A. program with 24+ credits and minimum 2.75 GPA are exempt.
  • Students enrolled in an active bachelors program are not required to complete SLS1122.

For additional information, please contact an Academic Advisor, or call Charlene Latimer: (386) 506-3142.