Associate of Arts: Psychology Areas of Specialization Certification

Daytona State College offers students who have declared Psychology as their major program code the opportunity to complete a General Psychology Track. The General Psychology Track requires students to successfully complete 9 semester hours of Psychology courses, which include General Psychology (PSY1012), Human Development (DEP2004), and Survey of Personality (PPE2001). Students who plan to major in Psychology at the baccalaureate level will be better prepared for the baccalaureate curriculum by completing this track. 

Students who are interested in a Psychology Track should meet with an academic advisor early in their tenure at Daytona State College to establish an academic plan that will ensure all program requirements will be met. For more information on this program, students should contact the department chair, Dr. Michael Flota at (386) 506-3844, or the department assistant chair, Mr. Nick Petropouleas at (386) 506-3409.