Florida East Coast TechHire Grant

Daytona State College has been awarded the Florida East Coast Tech Hire (FECT) grant through the Department of Labor. This grant is a partnership between Daytona State College, Eastern Florida State College and Florida State College. The grant focuses on providing free training and related services to achieve employment and certifications in the areas of Advanced Manufacturing and Information Technology.

The grant provides the following:

  • TECHHIRE training Boot Camps that are short-term, accelerated, programs that offer industry-recognized credentials in the Advanced Manufacturing and Information Technology Fields;
  • Support Services that may include childcare, behavioral counseling, career counseling and other related services to successfully complete the training programs;
  • Assistance with employment including internships, apprenticeships, and job placement;
  • Additional job skills development to include resume design, interviewing skills and workplace/employer expectations.
For more, visit daytonastate.edu/mytechhire.