Teacher Certification/Recertification Preparation

Individuals who want to take courses for teacher certification or certification renewal should visit https://www.daytonastate.edu/dept_directory_edu/altcert_renewal.html for further information.

In addition, applicants must:

  • Contact the Daytona State College School of Education Department for additional information and approval of courses before registering.
  • Provide verification that a Bachelor's degree was previously earned.
  • If currently employed as a teacher in a public school, provide employment verification from Human Resources or the principal.
  • If you DO NOT work for a PUBLIC school district, you MUST complete the Volunteer Online Application. The following links will take you directly to the Online Volunteer Application site:    

-          English Application URL: https://apps.raptorware.com/vsoft/kiosk/volunteerregistration?clientId=c556628d-1b14-4ef1-99a0-6fc318d172b1

-          Spanish Application URL:   https://apps.raptorware.com/vsoft/kiosk/volunteerregistration?clientId=c556628d-1b14-4ef1-99a0-6fc318d172b1&lang=esp

The above links can also be found under the Volunteer/Partnership Program’s website at: 


  • All students who are going to complete their field hours must complete the volunteer application by visiting the district website (access it through any computer or other electronic device) or to complete an application at the Raptor Kiosk (if available at the Volusia school site).  Just click on the URL of choice and complete the application. On the third page of the online application, be sure to check the following:

-          In the ‘Affiliations’ column, the box marked ‘other’ and type in ‘DSC Junior Intern’

-          In the ‘Organizations’ column, the box marked ‘Daytona State College’

  • Once submitted, the online application will be re-directed to the VIPS Department for approval.  The application will stay on a “hold” queue until the volunteer applicant has visited the Volusia County school of choice and has scanned an ID into the visitor module. Provided that the applicant clears the sexual predator/offender database performed by the Raptor System, then, the application will be approved and an email will be generated by the system that will inform the applicant of their volunteer status. 

For questions, please contact Ashorda Foley (386-255-6475 x 38379).

  • Inaccurate or incomplete information may delay your results. The clearance is good for five years.

Check the academic calendar for specific dates for the registration of state employees.

Stand-Alone Reading Endorsement

The K-12 Reading Endorsement will allow Florida educators to meet the need for highly-qualified teachers in reading, per the Florida Department of Education requirements under the Just Read, Florida! initiative. The School of Education offers the opportunity to complete the five reading competencies through three rigorous online courses: RED3012 Principles of Reading, RED4519 Diagnosis, Intervention in Reading, RED4844 Reading Practicum.