Special Credit Students

Students may take courses even if they do not intend to earn a college degree or certificate from Daytona State College. A special credit (non-matriculated) student is one who enrolls in courses to upgrade career skills, takes courses for personal enrichment, or enrolls in courses for the purpose of transferring to another institution. Special Credit students must meet all course placement and prerequisite requirements.

Special credit students are limited to a total of 15 credits, after which they must meet with an advisor to discuss career and educational plans and options. Taking additional credits will be approved with the understanding that the classes will not lead to a degree or certificate and that all placement and prerequisites need to be met. If a student has already received an associate of arts degree or a bachelor's (or higher) degree, the 15-credit limit is not applicable. Students are required to provide transcripts to document degrees earned and to have placement tests waived and prerequisites documented. Special credit students are not eligible to receive financial aid.

If a special credit student subsequently applies for admission to the college as a degree seeking student, the catalog requirements at the time of admission will need to be met.