Grading System

Student grade reports are not mailed; however, they are available to all students at the end of each semester, as the grades are entered by the faculty, on their MyDaytonaState account. Students may access the Web from the computer commons and labs on any campus, or from any off-campus computer that has access to the Internet.

Grading Policies

  • Grades are posted to the student record at the end of each semester or subsession.
  • A Grade Point Average (GPA) is calculated for each semester based on the number of hours attempted per course and the grade point value associated with the letter grade.
  • For vocational certificates, the unit of credit is the vocational credit/clock hours. Generally, 30 vocational credits/clock hours represent 1 semester credit hour. To calculate semester hours when the course is listed in vocational hours, divide by 30.


Course Credit Grade Grade Points
English 3 A 4.0(x3) = 12.0
Math 3 B+ 3.5(x3) = 10.5
Speech 3 F 0.0(x3) = 00.0
Psychology 3 C 2.0(x3) = 06.0
History 3 D 1.0(X3) = 03.0

Total Credits: 15

Total Grade Points: 31.5

Divide 31.5 (grade points) by 15 (credits) = 2.1 GPA

Letter grades used to calculate GPA:

Grade Definition Grade Point Value
A = Excellent 4.0
B+ = Very Good 3.5
B = Good 3.0
C+ = High Average 2.5
C = Average 2.0
D+ = Below Average 1.5
D = Poor 1.0
F = Failure 0.0
FN = Failure 0.0 (non-attendance prior to withdrawal date)

The college does not define a numerical score that equates to each grade. The determination of which grade the student has earned is left to the discretion of each instructor.

Grades not used to calculate GPA:

"I"- Incomplete - The incomplete grade is a temporary grade issued only when a student who is passing the course but who, for valid and unforeseen reasons, is not able to complete the course requirements by the end of the semester. The student agrees with the instructor to complete the requirements of the course no later than 45 days after the end of the term during which the class was taken. Deadlines for each term are always published on the Academic Calendar. "I" grades automatically convert to "F" grades if the requirements are not met and the appropriate grade change is not submitted by the instructor of record by the deadline published in the academic college calendar.

For the Spring 2020 term, students will have up to 120 days after the end of the term during which the class was taken to complete course requirements. The deadline for this term is published on the Academic Calendar.

Faculty will submit a Change of Grade Form to the Records Office for processing. Incomplete grade changes are not required to have Department Chair approval.  Faculty can review the grade roster to see the change made to the student’s record

"IP" - In Progress - The class is currently in session and has not ended.

"W" - Withdrawal - Grade issued when a student officially withdraws from a class.

"WI" – Administrative Withdrawal – Grade issued when the student is administratively withdrawn for non-attendance (first issued Spring 2017).

“AM” – Second Chance Program grade amnesty applied.

"SP" - Completion - Issued only for college preparatory courses and/or vocational courses, and selected college credit classes, when a student completes all course work but has not mastered the skill associated with the course. Example: A typing course requires the minimum skill of 45 words per minute and the student only masters 40 words per minute. No credit is awarded. Student must register and repeat the course.

“S” – Satisfactory Progress - Topics discussed and required learning has been accomplished.

"NR" – Grades Not Reported - The Records Office may issue this grade when an instructor has not submitted a grade.

"X" - Audit - Issued when a student does not want credit for a particular course and officially audits the course by the deadline for the semester (published in the academic calendar).

"CR" - Credit Only - Issued for alternate methods of earning credit such as Advance Placement, IB, etc.

"NC" - No Credit - Issued for zero credit courses.

"CN" - Continuing Credit - Issued for open exit courses that cross semesters.

“P/F” -  Pass/Fail Grade -  Grade of Pass or Fail issued for required program courses that have met learning expectations.

Students who no longer want to attend class:

  1. Must withdraw by the deadline for the semester (published in the academic calendar).
  2. May initiate the withdrawal process at any Falcon Center location or online.
  3. Students with extenuating circumstances (i.e.: hospitalized, out of town, etc.) may withdraw by mail provided the request is postmarked by the deadline and contains an original signature of the student, or with an email from the FalconMail account.
  4. Students are permitted a maximum of two withdrawals per course. Upon the third attempt, students will not be permitted to withdraw and will receive a grade other than "W" for that course.
  5. A student who stops attending class and does not withdraw before the last day to withdraw will receive a grade of “FN” (F for non-attendance) when the grades are submitted. The last date of attendance will be noted and a student who receives the “F for non-attendance” grade for all classes will be subject to the federal Title IV refund guidelines. For more information about the refund that will be required, please see the Financial Aid section of this catalog.