Grade Forgiveness Policy

Grade forgiveness applies when students repeat the same course in which they earned a "D" or "F" grade. The highest earned grade will be used in the calculation of GPA and graduation requirements. (A subsequent "W" grade will not replace an earned grade.) Students may not repeat the same course to improve a "C" grade or better. However, the college will allow a student who returns to Daytona State, or transfers to Daytona State after an extended period of time has elapsed since they had completed a developmental class to repeat that class under certain circumstances. The college has established a process that allows students to retake a developmental class completed successfully, if their absence from college has been two years or more, and the student retests into the developmental course level. In such cases, students are offered the choice of repeating or moving forward with the understanding that financial aid will not be awarded for a repeated course. Grade forgiveness GPA is not used when calculating your progress for financial aid purposes.