Dropped Class Refund Policy

The dates to drop a course with a refund are established for each semester and published in the academic calendar and in each semester's schedule of classes. Please check the dates carefully. Refunds will not be given after the deadlines.

Any refund due to the student will be applied to any outstanding obligations before any remaining refund is issued. In the event of a nonrefundable waiver or scholarship, or in the event of a third-party sponsorship payment, the student's refund will revert back to the waiver, scholarship or third party.

Refunds for Adult Education, Continuing Education, or Lifelong Learning courses will be refunded back to the original credit card used for payment or will be refunded by DSC check for payments originally received by cash or check.

Students who pay for college credit courses by credit card will be refunded by crediting back that same credit card in approximately seven to 10 business days following the official drop. Students who pay for their college credit courses by cash or check will be refunded through Bank Mobile.

To receive your refund, you must select a refund method at bankmobilevibe.com. During this process, you will choose between two options for receiving your refund. You may elect to have your refund directly deposited to your Bank Mobile Vibe account, or you may elect to have your refund deposited to another bank account of your choice. For additional information regarding refunds go to bankmobilevibe.com or contact the Office of Student Accounts at (386) 506-3024 to speak to a student account specialist.

Refunds will be based upon the following:

  1. College Credit and Vocational Credit Courses
    1. A 100-percent refund will be given if a student drops a course(s) by the date published in the College's academic calendar. For classes that meet on the weekend only, students will have until the next business day following the first scheduled class meeting to drop with a refund.
  2. Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning Course
    1. Courses lasting one week or less - A 100-percent refund will be given if you drop a course before the first scheduled class meeting.
    2. Courses lasting longer than one week - A 100-percent refund will be given if you drop a course within five working days from the date of the first scheduled class meeting.
  3. Adult Education Courses
    1. A 100-percent refund will be granted if the student drops the course(s) within 3 business days of the completion of the orientation or within 3 business days from the start of classes if the orientation was completed in the previous semester.
  4. Student Appeals
    1. Appeals to drop with a refund after the published deadline must be based upon extraordinary circumstances beyond your control. Supporting documentation is required before the appeal may be considered. For additional information about student appeals, contact the Question and Answer Center. Appeal forms are available at all campuses.

Withdrawals for Tuition Purposes

Students who withdraw from a course will not be entitled to a refund. In addition, any outstanding balances for withdrawn courses must be paid in full prior to processing the withdrawal.