Judicial Affairs Office

Daytona State College is responsible for providing a safe teaching and learning environment in which all of its students can realize their academic and career goals. The College experience is a privilege that is afforded to students. All students are expected to abide by and be held accountable for violations of the College Code of Conduct Rules for acceptable behavior.

Students who choose to be a member of the college community accept the responsibility to be informed and acquainted with the College regulations. Students are expected to comply with all of the College regulations and respect the personal rights and property of other members and guests of the college community.

Daytona State is committed to provide a learning environment that is safe, secure, respectful and free from threats of violence of any kind. The College administration reserves the unilateral and unlimited right to waive, suspend, alter or amend any policies, procedures, guidelines or practices to insure public safety and the safety of students, employees and guests of the College.

The Judicial Affairs Office is responsible for administering disciplinary actions for student conduct that is inconsistent with the College's rules for acceptable behavior. Students who are accused of violating the College rules, policies, procedures and practices will be provided an opportunity to respond to an allegation unless a College restriction or law enforcement trespass is warranted. The Judicial Affairs Office staff may conduct judicial administrative meetings or student disciplinary hearings as a means of resolving complaints against students. Reasonable accommodations will be made for distance learning students who are unable to attend meetings on one of the College campuses. For more detailed information about sexual harassment, sexual assault, sexual offenders, abuse reporting, student equity, religious observances, infectious diseases, drug testing procedures and the College computer acceptable use policies, please see the most recent student handbook.