Television Studio Production, A.S. Certificate

Program Information

A.S. Certificate - Code 097900 - Catalog 2019/2020

Anita Bevins, Associate Professor, 386-506-3936,

Program Office, 386-506-4227,

Program Mission, Description, and Outcomes


The mission of the Television Studio Production Certificate is to provide students with a working knowledge of principles necessary for successful entry into the field of television and video production.


The Television Studio Production Certificate program is a College Credit Certificate consisting of 12-hours of certificate courses in the area of television studio production. Students will have an opportunity to learn video production skills in the college's professional television station, WDSC-TV 15, during a succession of three courses. Each of these courses includes a lab component, bringing the college credit hours to four for each course. The certificate courses will also satisfy 12 of the 18-hour, lower division occupational/technical track required by the Bachelor of Applied Science in Supervision and Management program. A.A. students can earn this certificate and fulfill 12 credit hours of general education elective credits.


Graduates of the program will be able to:

  1. Exhibit team skills.

  2. Model safe and efficient work practices.

  3. Create appropriate lighting for location and/or set productions.

  4. Operate a video camera.

  5. Generate a studio and/or location footage.

  6. Record, mix, and edit audio resources.

  7. Use production control room equipment.

  8. Organize and edit video resources.

Financial Aid

The length of this program makes it ineligible for federal and state financial aid.

Financing Options: For more information on grant, loans and work program available please see the Office of Financial Aid webpage at Students are  encouraged to apply for one of the many Daytona State College Foundation scholarships offered each semester. For more information see:

Approximate Additional Costs

Program Tuition and Fees*: $1,229

Access Fee: $13.44 ($1.12 per credit)

Assessment Fee: $34

Lab Fees: $14

Textbook Estimate: $115

*In-state tuition only; out-of-state tuition will be higher.


The following information is required by federal regulations to be provided to students for all vocational and certificate programs. Additional information on any career, job, or salary potential can be found at For additional career information, please see:

Program Length: The typical length of this program is three (3) semesters.  The Florida Education and Training Placement Information Program (FETPIP) lists the placement rate (2016-17) for this field at 85%.

Note: Need help preparing for your job search? Login to Daytona State's Career Services Online (CSO) to create your personal career account, or email your Daytona State College Career Advisor.

Program Specific Courses

RTV1000CFundamentals of Broadcast Production and Lab


RTV1510CStudio Television Production and Lab


RTV2541CTeam Media Production and Lab


Sample Program of Study

1st Semester

RTV1000CFundamentals of Broadcast Production and Lab


2nd Semester

RTV1510CStudio Television Production and Lab


3rd Semester

RTV2541CTeam Media Production and Lab


Note: Sequence of courses may vary. Check catalog course descriptions for requisite requirements.

Total Credit Hours: 12


Credits earned in this certificate may be applied toward lower division Occupational/Technical requirements for the Bachelor of Applied Science in Supervision and Management degree.