Web Systems Software Development, Advanced Technical Certificate

Program Information

Advanced Technical Cert - Code 300300 - Catalog 2019/2020

Jessica Matthews, Administrative Assistant, 386-506-4138, Jessica.Matthews@daytonastate.edu

Ronald Eaglin, Chair, School of Engineering, 386-506-4176, Ronald.Eaglin@daytonastate.edu

Program Mission, Description, and Outcomes


The Web Systems Software Development program provides the student with an understanding of both technical and management aspects of internet based software systems.


This program consists of 18 credits leading towards requirements for proficiency in development of web systems software including client server based systems, cloud based software development and management, techniques associated with the development of software systems, project management, and database systems design and management.


Graduates of the program will be able to:

  1. Implement internet based client server software systems.
  2. Develop applications using modern web programming languages and technologies.
  3. Design and implement database systems to support web applications.
  4. Implement Software as a Service and Cloud based software systems.
  5. Use current software project management techniques in software development.

Financial Aid

The length of this program makes it ineligible for federal and state financial aid.

Financing Options: For more information on grants, loans and work programs available see the Office of Financial Aid webpage at http://www.daytonastate.edu/finaid. Students are also encouraged to apply for one of the many Daytona State College Foundation scholarships offered each semester. For more information see: http://daytonastate.edu/scholarships.

Additional Admission Requirements

  1. Applicants must have earned an Associate of Science (AS), an Associate of Applied Science (AAS), an Associate of Arts (AA) degree, or previous Bachelor of Science (BS) with an overall grade point average of 2.5.

  2. Applicants who have not earned an associate degree may be admitted to the program if they have earned at least 60 transferrable college level credits with a grade of "C" or better in all core courses. Applicants in this category must otherwise meet all other requirements for admission which will be granted by approval of the Chair.

  3. Students may be required to take prerequisite courses to complete this certificate.


Careers Associated Job Titles for this certificate are software engineer, software developer, programmer, software architect, database manager, and database designer.

Note: Need help preparing for your job search? Login to Daytona State's Career Services Online (CSO) to create your personal career account, or email your Daytona State College Career Advisor.

Program Specific Courses

COP4813Web Systems I


COP4708Applied Database I


COP4834Web Systems II


COP4709Applied Database II


CIS4510IT Project Management



Courses taken as part of this certificate can be applied to the Bachelor of Science Information Technology Degree – 6334.