Assessment of Prior Learning Experience (APLE)

Daytona State recognizes that students come to the institution from a variety of backgrounds. We value the training and knowledge you may have gained through experience. The Assessment of Prior Learning Experience (APLE) program, which includes APLE exams and portfolios, is designed to allow you to turn your skills and knowledge into college credit. Credit earned through the APLE program can only be awarded in courses offered at Daytona State College. Credit will not be awarded for courses in which you have already received credit. All methods of earning credit must meet equivalent classroom standards per F.S. 1001.64, 1007.27; FAC 6A-10.024.

To earn credit through the APLE program you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be enrolled in a degree or certificate program at Daytona State College and the credit earned must be appropriately related to your degree or certificate program
  • Be registered for and attending classes during the current semester
  • Meet with Academic Advising to identify courses that match your prior experience and may qualify for the APLE credit program.
  • Meet with Assessment Services staff to understand the requirements and limitations associated with earning credit through APLE and complete eligibility and registration forms.
  • Make payment of all fees prior to sitting for exam or portfolio review.
  • Portfolios must be able to provide documentation which satisfies all major learning outcomes for a selected course.
  • Be aware credit awarded for prior experiential learning shall not exceed 25% of the units required for completion of the program.
  • Be aware the maximum number of credits that can be earned through the combined total of transfer, examination, or experiential learning is 75% of the degree or certificate program.

Active U.S. military members are excluded from the above limitations.